Resources for Pelvic Health Therapists

Free resources for women entrepreneurs who are looking

to grow their pelvic health practices.

Meet Jane, an all-in-one practice management software.

Jane offers helpful and intuitive features, like scheduling, online booking, charting, and integrated payment processing. See how Jane can help you run and grow your practice at Use the code PELVIBIZ1MO for a 1-month grace period on your account. 

Free Templates, Worksheets, & Webinars

Make Your Dreams A Reality

What do you want out of your business and life? Dream bigger with our Clarity Tool.

Find Your Target Audience

Determine where your target audience hangs out with the Big 45 List.

Get Rewarded for Chatting

Connect with 15 people a day and reward yourself as you grow your business.

Get Your Clinic Started in 2 Days

With this checklist, you can get your pelvic health business set up in two days.

Create Your 2023

Vision Board

Kelly hosts a webinar on how to create a vision board.

Crossfit Workshop Demo

Do you want to hold a workshop for Crossfitters? This is a good resource for those who are interested in learning how to lead a workshop at a Crossfit gym.

Social Media Tips & Tricks

Kelly provides tips and tricks for pelvic health therapists who are looking to boost their social media presence.

eBook: Social Media Marketing for Pelvic Health Therapists

Social media is a great marketing tool for pelvic therapists who are looking to reach more patients. In this eBook, you’ll get tips on how to optimize your social media and connect with your target audiences.

eBook: How to Hold A CrossFit Workshop

This eBook will give you step by step instructions on how to host a Crossfit workshop.

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