The PelviBiz Method

A system developed by a women entrepreneur for women entrepreneurs

Step 1: Audit

Assess where you are currently at.

Lifestyle - Shift your mindset, create your support system, understand the niche you are serving, and establish your why.

Time - Break down your day and see where you spend the most time. Learn how to get your time back by focusing on what matters.

Money - Set your prices, organize business accounts, and figure out how many patients you need to grow your practice.

Ready to start your audit?

Do a deep dive into where you are and where you want to go with these helpful steps.

What Do You Believe?

Discover what's holding you back from making the steps forward

Time Audit

Learn what's robbing you of your time and reprioritize to set yourself up to create the life you want

Step 2: Attract

Connect with people

To effectively and efficiently grow the practice of your dreams, you need to surround yourself with the right leads, the right clients, and the right staff.

  • Marketing- Get your practice in front of the right people. Learn how to develop a marketing strategy that expands your network, increases visibility, and gets people in your front door.

  • Leads/Sales- Learn how to nurture leads and build relationships that turn into long-term clients.

  • Hire- Put together the right team, so you take time off without your business suffering.

Start Connecting with People

Gain confidence knowing you are attracting the right people at the right time

Pushing Past Objections

Not sure how to convert those daily conversations into growth for your business?

Hiring The Right Team

Whether you need to hire one person for thirty, found what how to create the team that will help your practice soar

Step 3: Accelerate

Turn your dream of your own pelvic health practice into a reality

Build a profitable practice

All the tools and resources to start your pelvic health business strong, accelerate your growth, and achieve your goals.

  • Products - What products/services can you offer physically and virtually? Establish what products and/or services your practice should offer or add to your current list.

  • Get Your Time Back - Develop yourself as a leader and put together fail-proof systems to free up your time.

  • Increase Profit - Learn the financial ins and outs of running a pelvic health practice to make sure yours thrives.

Watch Step 1 And Step 2.

Accelerate Your Pelvic Health Business

Work with Kelly to grow your practice and confidence as a women entrepreneur

Passive Income

Learn how to create more value to create bigger incomes.

More Profit

Create a business that is profitable and works for you, not against you.

Ready to scale your pelvic health business?

No matter where you are on The PelviBiz Ladder, Kelly can help you grow to exactly where you want to be.

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